The finest gourmet barbecue cooking or smoking woods in the industry. Great For: Ribs, Pork Shoulders and most types of read meat and poultry All types of wood used for cooking must dried beforehand. Returns & refunds The “king” of smoking woods – Hickory is preferred by most barbecue restaurants. Hickory is used to in smoking, grilling, barbecuing meats predominantly in the Midwest and the … Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. Suitable for all Charcoal BBQs, Gas BBQs and Smokers, Perfect for adding smoked flavour to your cooking, Click & Collect your purchase in-store or we'll deliver it to you, Zip pay is now available to purchase products online. It's so strongly associated with bacon that some people say that hickory-smoked food reminds them of bacon! It goes very well with other types of wood, but watch out not to go overboard or else the meat will have a strong bitter flavor. Try our Rubs, Spices and Meats smoked with Southside Wood Company's finest smoking woods. in. If you’re thinking about smoking meats with hickory wood, you’ll need to choose the right type of hickory wood. This wood is similar to hickory but is sweeter and milder in flavor. Hickory, … Whether you use oak, mesquite, hickory, pecan or any other wood to smoke meats with, it is important that it is properly aged or seasoned to produce the best quality of smoke possible. Paying attention to the quality of the wood used for smoking is one of the keys in preparing great barbecue. Avoid shopping in groups, Physical Distancing - Maintain 1.5m between yourself & others. They have been treated to be insect-free. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by10%. Because it produces a strong, smoky bacon/ham like … Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to enhance your experience. Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. When foods are hickory smoked, they tend to have a rich, faintly sweet flavor from the hickory wood. Wood smoke is what gives outdoor cooking its outdoor flavor. Hickory is available everywhere, and is a great starter wood if you’re new to barbecue smoking. Cooking briskets low and slow using post oak could take smoking time at about 8 to 12 hours. Hickory has a stronger flavor than oak and the two woods are often used in combination, since they burn similarly. 9. Explore Smoking ... Hickory Wood Chunks 350 cu. Hickory smoking wood creates a sweet, yet strong bacon-flavor; the smoke can be pungent, but it adds a nice, strong flavor to just about all meat cuts, but it’s especially popular with pork and ribs. Because it produces a strong, smoky bacon/ham like flavor. As if Hickory is the only choice for “real” barbecue. You can check out Aaron Franklin’s famous brisket recipe and let us know how it turns out. Oak, for the similar purposes as hickory. Each barkless, rectangular log is approximately 3" to 4" wide, and 12" to 15" in length, making them ideal for use in wood burning ovens or smokehouses. Cashless Payment - Use cashless payment to minimise contact. Pecan – With a stronger, smoky and sweet flavor, this wood is better for shorter smokes. It contains more moisture than seasoned wood that has been dried throughout the passage of time. Hickory – A classic wood excellent for pork—especially bacon—but can be too heavy for chicken. Larger cuts of ribs and pork shoulders, as well as almost all red meat and poultry. Good with pork, ham and beef. It has a sweet, savory, and hearty, a bit bacony. If using apple wood for smoking pork butt by itself you will have a mild smokiness with a sweeter note to it. Yes, all those cooking and food shows and YouTube channels have catapulted grilling/smoking with wood and charcoal leaning toward Hickory. Be careful, though, because too much hickory flavor will cause your meat to have a more bitter flavor. The most versatile choice as it can be used to smoke wood in many ways. It also mixes perfectly with alder for smoking salmon in a 50/50 mix (your smoked salmon won’t be perfect if you omit either wood). HICKORY: Perhaps the most common wood for smoking and considered by some to be “the King” of smoking woods. Hickory smoking is often used to flavor bacon. smoking wood chunks in a smoker box (these will be small pieces about 2×2-inches) place on a grill grate with the heat under it; smoker wood chunks directly on a heat bar/diffuser (3-4 pieces) with the heat on medium; Here is a guide on the quantity based on food being smoked … Image for capacity demonstration purposes only. Begin and exciting and flavoursome journey into the world of smoked food by adding Samba Smoking Wood Chunks to your BBQ grill or smoker. Call For Orders and Estimates. $34.95 for Large Bag The type of wood you use is probably the most important thing to think about when smoking with wood. If you’re using wood to heat and flavor, or if you’re just using the wood to flavor then the final taste of the meat is always going to be very dependent on the type of wood used. Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan and other hardwoods are available. I truly believe the catalyst for the popularity of hickory particularly for smoking foods, is television and YouTube. See description for cooking instructions. Almost any hardwood can be used for smoking. If used for longer smokes, the flavor can become overpowering. Hickory has always been one of the BBQ world’s most trusted barbecue smoking woods. Hickory, especially when paired with cheddar or other strong cheeses. 3001 Merriam Lane If adding hickory to the wood combination, exposure to the smoke should run around 2 to 3 hours. We continue to follow government advice and thank our amazing team for all their hard work helping our customers. Buy on Amazon Hickory is a traditional wood that will enhance the flavour and natural taste of your food. Pecan is also notable for giving a bacony-flavor to smoked cheeses, like hickory can. The “king” of smoking woods – Hickory is preferred by most barbecue restaurants. Actual product model and features may vary. Hickory is a traditional wood that will enhance the flavour and natural taste of your food. Get free shipping on qualified Hickory Wood Smoking Chips or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Hickory. It doesn’t have a distinct flavor that it is well known for, but it is known for giving meats a stronger flavor than other types of wood, such as applewood or oak. Best Meat to Smoke. Hickory Cooking Wood Cooking experts love our hickory smoking chunks for their distinct crackle and robust taste. Hickory is also one of the major traditional smoking woods, and it is generally very easy to find logs and chips for the purpose of hickory smoking. Pecan – Similar to hickory, pecan wood has a nutty smell that mixes well with fruit-wood when used for smoking poultry. Recommended pecan wood: Weber Wood Pecan Chips. These pecan wood chips do exactly what we want with pecan: They add a beautifully sweet and smokey flavor without overpowering the natural flavors of your turkey meat. Each of its types is 100% pure with no oak or alder filler. Hickory is considered to be a very well-rounded type of wood to use for smoking. A great way to experiment with wood is actually on the grill. Green wood is a type of wood that has recently been cut and has not been given time to season. Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Oak and Pecan. Why Hickory The Wood To Smoke? Our wood is custom split … Pecan is rich enough as it is, and any extra ‘earthy’ woods like hickory or oak risk overpowering the meat. Use to make a variety of hickory smoked meat with charcoal or with chunks alone. Hams are often hickory smoked, since the flavor pairs well with pork and with the sugar frequently … Any type of wood can be green wood including. The popularity of hickory-smoked bacon means that hickory wood smoke’s unique flavor—sweet like maple wood, pungent like mesquite—is closely associated with the richness of bacon. Choosing the Right Hickory Cooking Wood. Pecan. in. Begin and exciting and flavoursome journey into the world of smoked food by adding Samba Smoking Wood Chunks to your BBQ grill or smoker. It has a nutty flavor that goes well with so many types of meat, and chicken is no different. Monday -Friday | 9 am - 6 pm  MAPLE: I have not used regular maple a bunch but it is a very mild type of wood. Wood cooking chunks for smoking made from real hickory wood for charcoal, gas, or electric grills, as well as personal and larger smokers. It's especially popular with bacon and pork ribs. We strive to ensure that we are providing the highest quality wood and charcoal products available on the market.” Apple wood. and 20 pieces per case. Sweet to strong, heavy bacon flavor. These hickory wood logs are ideal for smoking red meat, duck, lamb, and poultry. Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. $22.95 for Small Bag, Call today for market prices and to place your order today. Visit our Shop Online page to learn more. LILAC: Not a common wood to find in stores but a very nice floral smoke that works well with fish and other seafood or lamb. Hickory – A very popular type of wood with a strong, stinging smoke that gives food a sweet yet strong bacon flavor. This popular wood for smoking is a Midwest and Southern barbecue favorite. All the woods are hardwoods as hardwood pellets for smoking are in demand and work efficiently. Delicious with Beef Sirloin or Filets, Salmon or Trout, Braised Brisket, or Pork Loin. ORDER NOW Be sure to pay attention to where the blade is falling when making wood chips for smoking. Maple has a mild and slightly sweet flavor. Many say that hickory imparts a bacon-like flavor to smoked cheese. Kansas City, Kansas 66106. with Southside Wood Company's finest smoking woods. These wood types include Apple, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Hardwood. Even if you have a hickory tree growing on your property, you can’t just cut it down and toss some pieces into a fire. Because hickory cooking wood gives an overpowering smoky flavor very quickly, chefs often pair hickory with lighter cooking woods for a more even, balanced taste. It has a strong, pungent smoke that adds strong sweet and smoky flavors to meat. If you love the unique flavor of smoking apple wood but like a bit more oomph you can blend apple with stronger smoking woods such as hickory or oak for a well balanced profile. Cherry. Oak – Burns slow and even, has a mild flavor, and is generally a good wood for smoking. 6. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. “Our love for natural cooking fuels comes second to none. Please enable JavaScript to enhance your experience on the Bunnings site. Smoking Woods oak, hickory, cedar… and the list goes on. Shop wherever you are, whenever you want. Here’s a quick overview of what types of wood work best with each type of food:All of these woods will work just fine when it comes to smoking but the one… Plan ahead - Research online & make a list, Shop Smart - Download our product finder app to minimise time spent in store. Specifications . Smoking & Fireplace Wood . Oak is strong but not overpowering and is a very good wood for beef or lamb. Ax blades are sharp. Smoking Accessories; Hickory Wood Chips; Share. Sugar maple for when you want to add some sweetness. (0.006 m³) $ 6.99 Mesquite Wood Chips 192 cu. Use maple wood with poultry and small game birds. Hickory – Also good for smoking, with a stronger flavor than oak. We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy. Includes approximately 40.5 lb.