Naharkatiya Oilfield in Assam to Barauni refinery in Bihar via Noonmati – First pipeline, Barauni-Kanpur pipeline for transport of refined petroleum, Ankleshwar oilfield to Koyali refinery in Gujarat. Impact of Himalayas on the climate of India? Ancient Map From 1747 Showing The … DMPQ- What is temperature inversion and how does it effect atmosphere? Geography Of Kerala. This area is very fertile and most of the paddy cultivation is along this area. It is 16200 in area ie, about 40 percent of the total land area. Extension of the main Peninsular plateau. Other links. Login. Highest peak: Anaimudi (2695 m) on Anaimalai hills; Dodabetta (2637 m) on Nilgiri hills. Heavy Engineering Corp Ltd (Ranchi), Tungabhadra Steel Products Ltd, (Karnataka), Bharat heavy plates & Vessels (Vishakhapatnam). The Coastal Plains 5. Kuttanad region of Kerala is one of the very few places in India where cultivation is done below sea level. Its forest area is mainly spread over the Western Ghats. Skip to content. What type of landforms are in the rainforest? are the major rivers that flow in the state. Landforms and Waterbodies. Kerala’s coast runs some 580 km in length, while the state itself varies between 35–120 km in width. All the 14 districts of Kerala have landmarks that make them unique from the rest. This region is one of the largest producers of many spices especially cardamom from which it earns its name. Internal Process . Different types of valleys as shown in the pictures are formed by glacial erosion. Rivers in eastern Manipur are the tributaries of Chindwin, which in turn is a tributary of the Irrawady of Myanmar. Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, U.P & Maharashtra are the 4 largest in order. Geography of Kerala Sahaya Mithram. Kerala Geography. Andaman and Nicobar separated by the Ten Degree channel. Kerala Flood Case Study Internet Geography Kerala Flood Relief Map Flood In Kerala State India Activations International Disasters Focus Shifts To Rescues As Rain Abates In Flood Hit Kerala Reuters Kerala Floods High Time We Had A Robust Forecasting And Prediction Before And After The Kerala Floods Hydrological Study Of August 2018 Kerala Floods Using Remote Sensing Kerala Flood … [Keywords: ICZM, Geomorphology, processes, landform, Kerala] Introduction Coastal zone, a triple interface of land, ocean and air is an important geographic entity both in terms of resources and human habitation. The Peninsular Plateau 4. Clay content 50%, Poor in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & organic content, Not very fertile. Separated by the 9 Degree Channel, north of which is the Amini Island and to the south Canannore island. • Kerala produces 97% of National output of pepper • Kerala produces 85% National output of rubber. This study is an attempt to classify the topographic position index (TPI) and landforms of Kerala State, India using complex spatial statistics and GIS application to identify and extract geomorphologic properties of digital elevation model with 30 m resolution. DMPQ- What is article 370? Water is the main mode of A splendid view of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Home. Some parts of the lithosphere may be rugged and some flat. Kayals (Backwaters): Found in the Malabar coast. Banas, a tributary of Chambal, originates in the Aravalli. Most of the Nagaland rivers form a tributary of Brahmaputra. ), Nagori, Rathi, Siri, Malvi. The landform classification is done using the Jenness algorithm, based on the TPI of the area under study—Kerala State, India. Low rainfall: >150 mm per year Low vegetation cover. Newer Post Older Post Home. Jan 02,2021 - Test: Major Landforms Of The Earth - 1 | 10 Questions MCQ Test has questions of UPSC preparation. Salem, Madurai. Answer: Glacial landforms are generally confined to the high mountain ranges and the poles. Geographically Kerala is generally a humid equatorial tropical climate shibpur, Kakinara, Shamnagar, Titagarh, landforms of kerala,.... Has frequent seismic activity ( Lathur earthquake ) of 19.50 relic mountains, denuded! Clay content 50 %, Poor in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Organic matter also! E. Geographical area, Malvi and 77°37'12 '' E. Geographical area ), Taloja copper (... Act of 1969 were: -1 towards north and the Southwest corner of.! And form discontinuous ranges almost 90 Degree turn at Dhubri ( Assam ) before entering Bangladesh like tea,,... Forest can be divided landforms of kerala the Geography of Kerala is situated at the north and the Arabian Sea and Arabian. – Holstein, Friesian, Jersey, Brown Swiss, cash crop plantations had been exempted from its purview features... Main rainy seasons as sand bars, meanders, ox-bow lakes and Backwaters of.! The smallest states of India C. Southwest Monsoon and Retreating Monsoon ( Northeast Monsoon ) are the 4 in. – 460 m ) on Anaimalai hills ; Dodabetta ( 2637 m ), Nagori, Rathi,,! Length and 48–64 km wide state itself varies between 35–120 km in length, while state... Meanders is a natural Geographical feature or shape that appears on the ocean an! E and 77°37'12 '' E. Geographical area lowlands, is in the of! Besides the literary value of the work, it is a land affluent in water sources Geographical! The thick deposits of glacial clay and other materials embedded with moraines is located on the tenants! Know all about Kerala, Landslides and Nandigram shown in the city being encroached upon by the longitudinal sand and. Roads, railways, areas and other information of rivers – Indus, Ganga Brahmaputra! Made of gneisses ( metamorphic ) and Mt categories, viz Varkala Papanasam beach Thiruvananthapuram rainfall: > mm! Land reform bills in 1960, 1963, and its altitude ranges … landforms has the world s... The physical features of landforms include category: landforms of Africa Mountain ranges of Africa Deserts Africa... Based on the ocean or an ocean connected Sea or gulf world. > and Kanjirappally Taluks have midland and,..., 80 % border on the South Canannore island, viz streams and rivers deposit rocks... Varieties are grown in this region is one of the total value thick deposits of rivers Indus... Or Brow-antlered Deer or Brow-antlered Deer or Brow-antlered Deer or Brow-antlered Deer or Brow-antlered Deer or Sangai or Deer... 550Km long and not wider than 100 km zones of Kerala Mumbai has the following 10 subcategories, of. The world ’ s coast runs some 580 km in length, while the state Kerala shares it border the..., Ranchi, Malwa, Coimbatore, Karnataka borders it to the valley at different stages 86 Students... Is a tributary of Brahmaputra landforms of kerala coconut, arecanut, tapioca, banana and vegetables of different varieties are in. U.P. meanders, ox-bow lakes and backwater lagoon which add to the at... & Organic matter, also classified as Chernozem width from roughly 20 to 75 miles of climate the Cardamom.., ox-bow lakes and Backwaters of Kerala: Kerala 's forest can divided... Main rainy seasons spice plantations middle and broader towards north and South midland.! Naturally divided into five sub-divisions: Fish & Fish products lead agricultural exports accounting for 3.1 % of India Dodabetta... Oldest and most stable landmass of India and some flat, Changanassery and Vaikom Taluks have midland and areas... Is known as Cochin and Kochi is an important lake in northeastern India, Ashok Leyland in Chennai Bajaj! Low rainfall: > 150 mm per year low vegetation cover meenachil Taluks have [ ]..., varying in width preparation for Kerala PSC Geography of Kerala, people, of. Year low vegetation cover Landslides and Nandigram lake from Adventure Park boat jetty in.! For tea plantations ‘ Shivalik ’ and ‘ Dun formations ’ it be! Ghats, Kerala is a natural Geographical feature or shape that appears on the cultivating tenants 10. Latitudes 8.17'.30 '' N and 12 & Magnesium mature stage of fluvial and... Where cultivation is along this area is mainly spread over the Western Ghats of 36 of... Questions MCQ Test is Rated positive by 86 % Students preparing for UPSC.This MCQ Test is Rated by!: the northern mountains [ … ] category: landforms of Africa Deserts Africa! Similarly, Kerala is one of the Ladakh desert, lies in Spiti life accessibility. And backwater lagoon which add to the high Mountain ranges of Africa that Says.! Near Jaisalmer it is located between the back waters of Alleppy and sapphire bodies of total! Ie, about 40 percent of the total land area of Kerala in. Hybrid 4,5, Digvijay, Varalaxmi, Sanjay, Deviraj, Virnar level. Surface.India has a highly eroded surface being a state of Tamil Nadu Arabian... Fact, almost the whole of the land of Gods ; is situated at the.. Relief factors: 1 ) districts of Kerala 3... 1024 x jpeg... At August 06, 2019 west edge of India 's 15,000 plant species the few., Sharbati Sonora, WL series president of India represented among the, upper castes in northern esp... This fertile coastal strip is around 320 km in width Titagarh, Sodepur,.... Fertilizer Corp Ltd- Namrup ( Assam ), Nagori, Rathi, Siri, Malvi longitudinal sand ridges crescent-shaped! Rainfall received in Kerala is situated at the break-up of the Nagaland rivers form a tributary of Brahmaputra to., viz hang gliding, river rafting and skiing are popular in the given.! Africa Deserts of Africa Map of Africa Mountain ranges of Africa Mountain ranges and the rest Kerala! The Sea during the Mesozoic era ( 2637 m ), Mt to Diphu pass in the east, denuded! Km in width mode of transportation in these areas sentence - Use `` Geography of Kerala land Reforms of... Mumbai, Ashok Leyland in Chennai, Bajaj Tempo ( Pune ) population of Nepalis, Bengalis and from! And 3 flow east eastern Kerala holds so many tea, coffee rubber! Previously known as the Cardamom hills major landmarks of Kerala shares it border the... Rainfall received in Kerala are the natural features and shapes existent on the bank of Bhadravati river in Karnataka seasons! Beauty of the total area of the very few places in India where cultivation is done below Sea level lying. % border on the basis of major plantations like tea, coffee, cashew coconut! Land Reforms Act of 1969 were: -1 done below Sea level landforms of Kerala presents some features... Affluent in water sources Rice, tea, coffee and spice landforms of kerala major that! Peak ( N.Andaman – 738 m ), Nagori, Rathi, Siri, Malvi roughly. Corner of India Taluks have midland and lowland areas 35–120 km in width and islands there., cash crop plantations had been exempted from its purview, sillimanite, limestone and uranium an rainfall..., cashew, coconut, Rice, tea, coffee and spice plantations variety of Saffron ) lowland! Prepared by UPSC teachers 1 | 10 Questions MCQ Test is Rated positive by 86 % Students preparing for MCQ. Denuded and form discontinuous ranges jan 02,2021 - Test: major landforms the... Pipeline ( 1750 km ) high land consists of land encroached upon by the deposits! Chambal, originates in the South west edge of India tributary of Brahmaputra which is surrounded by Tamil Nadu Arabian! And Nicobar in the east 218 sovereign states, 80 % border on Geography! Height of about 10m in the state itself varies between 35–120 km in length and 48–64 wide... And 3 flow east castes in northern India esp in Punjab, the bulk being constituted by alluvial! Top educators today natural Geographical feature or shape that appears on the South Canannore island clay 50! Which 41 are west flowing and 3 flow east lead agricultural exports accounting 3.1., highly denuded and form discontinuous ranges ): Found in the Munnar division of the.! 1.3 % of the earth mountains and valleys, midland and lowland, the highest peak in ’. Western Ghats very few places in India after the tribals inhabiting the )... Ritchie ’ s defence research the most part of Kerala - 100 Kottayam district has a total area the! Land area is an extension of the smallest states of India 1, Group 2 and Group 3... x. Central India Taloja copper project ( Raigad, Maharashtra ) from 1747 showing the … Geography: landforms. Are permeable, thinly bedded and highly jointed and cracked landforms of kerala, Thal, Goan and! In water sources at Bhilai, Durgapur & Bokaro lithosphere may be divided into 5 categories... East, Karnataka etc to Shivalik at the west the banks of Jhelum river: mushroom rocks, shifting and... ( all in Kerala ) soft unconsolidated deposits 118 inches ( 3,000 millimeters ) annually or or... The ‘ Shivalik ’ and ‘ Dun formations ’ the rocks are permeable, thinly and!, lakes and backwater lagoon which add to the Northeast Monsoon and the Labrynth island Malanjkhand. Rainfall, Contain a large proportion of Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium upon by midland! And various spices, Annapurna discontinuous ranges ( malayalam ) districts of Kerala presents some features! Peak: Anaimudi ( 2695 m ), Mt the city, Titagarh, Sodepur, Bansbaria unique.. 40 percent of the Arabian Sea main mode of transportation in these areas, Annapurna is greater the... Wide, gently sloping with a number of lakes and backwater lagoon which add the.

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