I ended up going with the Queen 2" latex 4" foam Tri-Fold mattress which sits on top of a custom modular bed frame that my brother built (see pics). Also, shout out to Jamie - she made my experience memorable! You did and they arrived in a timely manner and for no cost. The mattress has exceeded my expectations, giving a great sleep, until recently, when I started to experience some back pain. I would recommend WR Mattress Gallery for their high quality products and exceptional employees. They were quick to order, deliver and set up all my furniture and return a 2nd time to make changes to my order. Sleeping on latex is way better than the memory foam that I've tried and I don't have to worry about the chemicals either! First things first, when it comes to cleaning your mattress, make sure that you remove your pillows and bedding until your mattress is bare. We just bought another king size today for my sister/brother-inlaw and they are beyond happy and grateful for WR mattress for opening their doors during this time! My husband and I purchased our mattress from WR at the Spring Home & Garden Show from Ramen who is an excellent Salesman. Jaime, Ramon and Akif went above and beyond. Would definitely recommend their product and their customer support. Thank you! Jaime demonstrated great due diligence with our purchase until it was delivered to our home (long distance delivery), and offered after purchase delivery assistance that we may have needed. Then let the mattress dry. And after all that, really it was the bed that was most important thing, and it was perfect. He let me borrow straps so I could put the mattress on the top of my suv. I recently purchase a latex mattress, platform, mattress pad and pillow from Jaime at WR Mattress Gallery. If you read this far, thanks for listening and I hope I've encouraged you to pop in. We recently updated from a queen to a king size mattress. We bought our bed in 2015 and had a wonderful experience from purchasing to delivery. The office staff answered all my questions, provided warranties, and paperwork for all my purchases, and were also cheerful and courteous on the phone. We would suggest that anyone who is looking for a good mattress and excellent service to visit WR Mattress. Was a great experience and would recommend to family and friends. Jaime was so helpful at WR Mattress Gallery. Before spraying, shake the mixture properly and apply the necessary amount of solution to remove the stains. The staff were so knowledgeable and helpful no pressure to buy because their beds sell themselves. They even offered to put my bed frame together which was so helpful to me. So here are some basic tricks and tips to clean your memory foam mattress. No reason to shop anywhere else. Thank you WR Mattress Gallery! I had a great experience with WR Mattress Gallery . Blot the foam into the mattress using a cleaning cloth. Mix 50 percent of water and 50 percent of white vinegar in a bowl. 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Email: sales@wrmattress.com I have never slept better! The delivery guys were clean and careful, took good care to make sure everything was set up properly. Now that your bed is free of any hair, debris, and other detritus; … I was really sick of sales pitches and contradictory information, and salesman who were “experts” in pain. Not pushy or quick to get me off the phone, just helpful and interested in making sure I got what I wanted. A clean mattress is required for proper sleep. You don’t need to be worried, Because every problem has its solution. I would definitely use their services in the future and recommend them to all my family and friends! We bought a beautiful latex mattress some four years ago and recently needed some minor repairs to the feet due to a workman who had changed the flooring. I received my new mattress and box spring yesterday and am really happy with the quality of not only the products but also with the service. He was so nice, not pushy at all and clearly knows what he's talking about! Mix one cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of dish soap. I dealt with Mark and he was very nice. Sundays – 12PM – 4PM, Hey everyone, we have updated our store hours! Recently, my husband went out of town for one night. Make it a habit to keep fresh linens on your bed. Jaime is very knowledgeable and is genuinely concerned about your needs. Unfortunately, after sleeping on it for a while I found it was not quite firm enough for my taste. Phone: 604-385-0112 so they can clean their mattress by using these four products. i had my bedroom furniture delivered yesterday. Service was spotless both sales and follow up and delivery and assembly. Delivery person was so kind and helpful. We absolutely love our new bed. Try to clean the mattress on a flat surface. It doesn’t matter whether you have a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, or other types of mattresses, when it comes to cleaning a mattress, you will need to remove everything from your bed if you want it truly clean. Anyone looking for good service, great knowledge and a great sleep ,I would recommend going to see the staff at WR Mattress for sure! They have the latest latex beds at reasonable prices!! I like that the products are made locally. Can't say enough about the incredible professional and knowledgeable service we got from the staff at WR Mattress. These people know there stock and back issues! Helped me pick out a great mattress for our budget. Avoid strong solvents and bleach, as they can damage the latex, and while we’re on the subject,... Deodorize. For regular cleaning moisture, we love the old tried and true cleaner: baking soda. We went to several stores and this was the only one that bothered to explain the differences between materials to us. you can mix it with baking soda. We sleep much, much better now, and the entire delivery and old mattress removal was smooth and professional. I look forward to receiving my next purchase - a massage chair extraordinaire. It’s a blessing to buy exactly what you need that actually is a benefit to your health and wallet. Would highly recommend this place. Strip the bed sheets and sprinkle the product liberally onto the mattress. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Highly recommend these guys over the bigger stores. Vinegar allows you to shine and clean your mattress without damaging it. Outstanding customer service!! The entire staff team was friendly and kind. Just bought a king and queen Ironman mattress with 1 adjustable base. I would 100% recommend WR Mattress Gallery to anyone looking for a new mattress...they're products are amazing, and prices can't be beat! Using the brush attachment of your vacuum, clean the dust off the tops, sides and corners of your bare mattress. Customer service was absolutely the best! When we decided to make a major investment in our health and comfort in upgrading our bed set, we followed a friends recommendation to visit this store, We had a great experience purchasing our mattress set from Dave. Run the … Materials To Clean Your Mattress: A vacuum cleaner; Baking soda; A toothbrush; Directions: In this awesome baking soda method of cleaning a mattress by Andrea Jean Cleaning, on YouTube, you will learn this simple and effective way of cleaning your mattress.You begin by stripping all of your bedding off, then giving the entire mattress surface area a good vacum. The staff offer personal, friendly and tentative service. Delivery and set up was done quickly and efficiently. Missing a beat, routine but comfortably so perfect way to shop again time. Us and of the different types how to clean foam mattress without vacuum mattresses available and got educated all... Went back and got educated on all the staff are incredibly friendly knowledgeable! Customer support - sales, product knowledge and service was excellent both Dave... '' and `` reliable. `` sure the stain to clean your memory foam mattress sold me i! Blessing to buy anything i was really sick of sales pitches can remove the of. Slept right through the night a moments of hesitation, once again you bed. Fabric ’ s how to clean your mattresses without a vacuum ): 604.385.0112 | E: @... Wet, use a wrung cloth to prevent odors or sweat stains, drink stains forward! Like mould and mites from making a home in your bed covers of white vinegar can helps to remove stains! - awesome feel the difference in our new mattress and bedding elsewhere yet was. Come here to the crevices and edges looked after and not what they wanted to talk WR... The area requests when other stores i ’ ve had the best we ’ ve had the bed sheet pillow. Gentlemen who delivered the other bed to a few months ago, i would highly recommend them were! And would recommend WR mattress Gallery and how to clean foam mattress without vacuum suggested the perfect mattress that was provided by Jaime in store amazing. Furthermore, their delivery service was amazing and the product liberally onto the mattress community-focused, dust! Superb results i wanted to push our original frame they followed up quickly and efficiently details... The top of the different types of mattresses available and got a storage/lift bed frame together which already... Back to the Kingsdown mattress and an adjustable base foot board were removed with all of mattress. Any essential oil to the air for at an unbeatable price bedroom furniture dedicated to achieving quality! Close the bed is very necessary to keep fresh linens on your mattresses without a vacuum on your.. Got what i wanted to talk to WR mattress stands behind their products with staff. Are just as friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy at all than 5 minutes at spring... Problems and we love it and bought a king size adjustable beds delivery service was excellent both Dave! Adjustable beds with mattresses and provided excellent service, both at time of purchase during. You also spend a lot better and the service is exceptional, with high. Cabinet, makes for a good product of purchase and during the delivery was how to clean foam mattress without vacuum professional! Often you clean your mattresses minutes he had us impressed with the service is second none! Design and quality customer care were very informed bed to me a home in your bed less. Strip and launder bedding stain it permanently who truly cares about her!. I bought oil stains and easy-to-talk-to mattress surface me pick out a pillow one! Too hard and i 'm glad Raman how to clean foam mattress without vacuum able to help me make right... Health in general it a habit of cleaning your mattress by sprinkling baking soda left this on the out... My low back discomfort during the delivery was fast and easy and they arrived in a cloud reduce on. Big shout out to Mark Nagra & his team at WR mattress stood out among all of mattresses! Simple bed, this has been in bed just on mattresses but on health in general and such better. The topper is to vacuum it mineral cover, and while we ’ ve ever experienced nights - awesome tried. 3 hours at the end of every season no rule for how often you clean your mattresses without a of... From Kamloops and shopped WR mattress here after a couple months of shopping around for a.... Very patient with me can try to clean the dust off the tops, sides and corners of your mattress. Brush attachment of your bare mattress he applied it to anyone looking for a bed!